A Sennett Company

Key Personnel

Sandra Lane | President and Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Lane became president of Sennett Security Products in 1997.  In 2004, she led her team through the acquisition of Banknote Corporation of America, a move that brought a full spectrum of security printing technologies together into the combined organization. Prior to her career in security printing, Ms. Lane was a consultant to the Naval Air Systems Command, in which role she performed project engineering, software development and program management for a variety of DOD contracts.

Diane Woo | Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Woo has led Sennett to its current strong position, well-poised for future growth. She was instrumental in the acquisition of Banknote Corporation of America, and heads up our banking relationships. Over her 20-year career, Ms. Woo has successfully managed customers ranging from the DOD to private enterprise. 

Robert Lane | Vice President, Engineering and Product Development

Mr. Lane joined Sennett in 1990 and is the engineering manager responsible for production process development, which includes designing, manufacturing and modifying custom production systems.  He is responsible for product development using modern engineering disciplines employing all printing methods, automation/ robotics, and vision technologies.  A degreed electrical engineer, Mr. Lane believes he is most effective, driving efficiency, improving/creating processes and monitoring quality assurance. Before joining Sennett, Mr. Lane served as an acquisition manager for supporting avionics and radar systems for the Naval Air Systems Command.

Donald Woo | Vice President, Contract Administration

Mr. Woo was the first employee of Sennett Company, hired by Richard Sennett himself in 1987. Since then, he has overseen our stamp and money order contracts with the U.S. Postal Service. He has participated in more than 500 stamp issues and has thorough expertise in implementing large scale projects involving extremely detailed and critical design criteria.